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Special Memories
Grandpa's in Heaven today..........  

We lost our grandfather on June 15, 2007 at 7:22 pm, a six year battle with bladder cancer.........again it defeats us, taking away our loved ones.
But leaving us  footprint in our hearts, those that we have lost have had a great impact in our lives and will forever be in our hearts.

Back in time...........  

Today, June 29, 2007 Stephanie  had a catscan many memories came back to us, Stephanie was crying in the room while I was watching them do the catscan.  I asked her what was wrong, her answer was "I just remembered as a child all the catscans that were done, it was just scary to be doing it again."  I held her in my arms and told her "You are here and your alive".  We pray everyday for another day and a healthy one at that.

AT LAST................  
Stephanie's last chemotherapy.  Finally REMISSION!!!!!!.  A new life begins for her a second chance at life.

Danielle's Farewell  

On Oct. 3, 2005 my friend Danielle went on to be an "Angel" up above to watch and protect us all, as I see all the Stars shining up above I know it's her watching over us and telling us she is "OK"
         that we will see eachother another day.
  We love you and miss you and there isn't a day we don't think about you, the good thing is you left a footprint behind in our "Hearts".........that keeps on beating

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